What do you notice?

Day to day…pay attention to what you pay attention to. Where is your focus?  What do you notice?  What are your first thoughts on rising?  What are the first words that come out of your mouth in the morning? Awareness.  Being aware of what you are doing, thinking, saying…it creates your reality.  It shapes your life.  Are you being intentional about it?  Do … More What do you notice?

Freedom from stress, tension & pain…

April was a month full of challenges and rewards…expansion and growth, very much suited for spring.  I completed the first of 5 sessions towards my final certification as a Yoga Therapist.  The course will span the next 18 months, with a focus on applying Yoga Therapy to both group classes and private sessions.  I am always blown away … More Freedom from stress, tension & pain…

Spring Shift

Wow.  That felt like an incredibly long winter.  Although we aren’t out of the woods just yet, it is March and  I can feel the sun’s warmth increasing.  I’m eagerly anticipating the first deck coffee of the year!  February was mentally tough.  I struggled with feeling in limbo.  It’s been a little over a year since I left a career in Corrections.  I’m … More Spring Shift

October at MBWW

Good fall morning to you! Renos are done and I’ve got my home office set up and ready to start regular online Education. The first of every month I will be LIVE on the Customer Education page, “Breathe In”, our team business page, “Freedom” as well as live on MBWW’s Facebook page to give updates … More October at MBWW