Looking forward…

Although this morning’s -40 temperature hardly reflects winter ending, the sun feels warm through the windows and the sunset is coming later everyday. This hibernation period has been great for reflecting, but as the days get longer I find myself planning for the next change of season. For the next 3 months I have the … More Looking forward…

“Reflections & Intentions”

  I spent the morning reviewing my post from the first of this year.  Well, that was unexpected.  Funny, reading all the hopes and plans for 2020 listed in January: Plans for work and pleasure…Yoga classes and school IN PERSON…travel to Italy…to the US…dinner parties…connecting with people…*sigh*   I like to give a theme to the year at it’s … More “Reflections & Intentions”

5 Years of Freedom

Mind Body Whole Wellness celebrates 5 years today!   Whether you are friend, family, student, teacher, client or follower you probably know a little bit about where the last 5 years have taken me.  Since I accepted the dare to apply to “yoga school”, life has been a full blown transformation that brought so much change.     November … More 5 Years of Freedom


Freedom   It was official Wednesday at 4pm.  The cabin deal closed and I headed out with a little bit more unknown and a lot more FREEDOM! No bills, no debt, no partner, no pets, no plants…   I had been intentional over the last year to create more space.  To have less.  To need less. To make more room for whatever … More Freedom