Be Light


I started my day yesterday like I usually do, with one difference, I spent a few minutes scrolling through my social media newsfeed.  I haven’t watched the news in 16 years, but I figured that after such a monumental event that I would take a quick gander on what the response was…

It’s for the same reason that I don’t watch violent or scary movies or the news that I don’t spend time in the news feed of social media.  The negativity.  The fear, the anger, the hate.

I want to share a positive take on what just happened.  I want to share a different way of looking at life.  I’m not saying you “should” do this or that, simply offering up a different view point.  Take it or leave it.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change-Wayne Dyer

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading the work of Dyer and David Hawkins.  The common theme that resonates from their work is that we are the only ones who are responsible for the circumstances of our lives.  That we can only succeed and grow when we take responsibility for what is in our lives.  If we fully realized the power of our thoughts, that we would never have another negative thought again!

What we think about, we bring about.  Dr. David Hawkins, through physics and kinesiolgy calibrated energy levels of thought.  He was able to test the truth of thoughts through muscle testing.  The principle being when a thought is not based on truth it makes the muscles go weak, and conversely, thoughts that are based on truth strengthen you.


The easiest way to find peace and raise your level of consciousness is to bring awareness to your thoughts, and change the way you look at things.  I lived with anger as my motivator and comfort zone emotion for the first 37 years of my life.  I literally “forced” my way through life with sheer anger fuelled motivation.  I thought I was doing a service to the world fighting for the rights of those who wouldn’t speak for themselves. I thought by causing fear in my adversaries that I was protecting the weak.  There might have been some good that came out of my intentions, but the place I was fighting from was weakening me.  When our energy comes from levels under 200, (thoughts that weaken us), we open ourselves up to sickness and disease.  We can become aware of our thoughts, and notice when our “go to comfort zone emotions”, like fear, anxiety or anger creep in.  We can consciously choose to change those thoughts to ones that calibrate higher.  Thoughts like optimism and love counter negativity and do more to influence Humanity than any other action.  Taking responsibility for the energy you radiate is the single biggest impact you can have on the world, regardless of what you do in life.

Eastern traditions have trained in these concepts for thousands of years.  And like the benefits of yoga and natural medicine, the Western world and scientific community is starting to investigate the science behind these “unseen” and once thought immeasurable forces at work in our environment.

Whether you are need-to-know-the-facts science oriented or more faith-based inclined, the facts are that we are the only ones who can change the state of our lives.  Your current status is the result of the state of your thoughts.  Start to pay attention to your motivators.  When you find fear or anger, acknowledge it without guilt, shame or blame, let it go and choose Love.  Choose hope.  Choose Joy.  Choose to be “for” the things you love.  Like Hawkins speaks to;  you can love vanilla without hating the people who love chocolate.  You can love what you love, at the same time as having an appreciation for those who have different views than you.  Choose to be a contributor to life; of creativity, kindness, beauty, abundance and Love.

Choose to vibrate higher.  Choose thoughts that strengthen you.  Be aware that the energy you radiate, it the same energy that you are attracting.  Be the change you wish to see in the world.



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