Cheers to you, your dreams, goals and most important of all, to your Self Care in 2017!

I have posted a lot in the last week about a change in focus from the usual New Year mentality of resolutions and making a list of “things to quit”. Just like “what we think about, we bring about’, what we focus on is what we are attracting more of. So I invite you to switch your focus to the things you are “FOR”, the things you want to attract more of. Instead of thinking about what you want to eliminate, think of what you want to attract.

Do you want more sleep, healthier nutrition, an improved cleansing routine, more happiness, more time and money freedom, better relationships, or more good days? Whatever your goals are for 2017, I encourage you to hold the mental image of the positive change you wish to create in your mind. Daily, when you wake up, spend a moment imagining that which you wish to attract. And again, at the end of your day, as you lay down to sleep, picturing that same goal.

My focus for 2017 is to attract the resources to build the Mind Body Whole Wellness Retreat Centre. I picture driving up to the doors, walking the stone path, opening the door and entering into an inner hallway where the walls are lined with local art and photography. I step into the main room, onto the smooth, heated concrete floor that runs the full expanse of the kitchen and yoga space. I walk pass my office door, where I can see the light of the sunrise begin to crest the horizon. I imagine cooking a dinner surrounded by a large farm table at which all of you are seated, laughing and raising a glass in celebration of family, friends and Life. I envision teaching classes about Self Care, about yoga, meditation and natural wellness…I feel Joy and Gratitude.

This is my vision for 2017. I imagine creating a space that will allow me to give back through sharing the things that I love to do with others. One of those passions is education on Wellness. I want to share what I’ve learned about finding freedom in mind and body through Self Care. Be gentle with yourself. Do more of the things you love. Do things to love yourself. Fill up your cup so that you can give to others from the overflow.

When you are making your plans for January, instead of thinking about what to quit, chose instead to add things that support your body and mind. Support your body with improved nutrition and cleansing, create a relaxing sleep routine with a diffuser or a nightly foot rub, and find a way to move your body that you LOVE doing.

We are continuing to focus on supporting our digestive systems. I got the Cleanse and Restore Kit to start January 15th in addition to doing a 5 day Juice Cleanse. I’ll attach the link for anyone interested. I’m sure there are places like this all over North America, so feel free to google away šŸ˜‰


Juice So Good & Coffee So Good A Lifestyle Brand Offering …
Juice So Good is more than a juice bar, we’re a non-gmo plant-based grab-and-go brand: offering cold-pressed juices, cleanses, smoothies and superfood options.

I’d like to wrap up this note with an invitation to practice bringing awareness to both your breath and your thoughts in 2017. We are all connected by both. We come from the same source of energy and likewise we will all return to it. Whether you choose to call it God, Nature, Universal Mind, Energy or Source…if you can imagine this collective pool of energy as the ocean, and we are all cups of ocean in temporary human form. It is our breath that gives us life. Each inhale can serve as a reminder of our connection to this Source and to each other. It is with the awareness of our mind, through our breath that we can feel the ocean in us. If you consider this Source divine, then the breath that moves through us is also divine, and so are we. Through our minds and breath we can connect moment to moment to the power of that Source energy. The same energy that turns acorns into oak trees and an embryo into an adult, is available to you. We all have this same connection, this same limitless potential. Life is a journey of growth to remove the blocks of conditioning and ego and clear the path to this connection with the ocean that links us all together as Humanity. If we can change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. Can you see this light in yourself? Can you see this light in others?

This Light, this Source energy has characteristics, has “faces” of intention. When we choose to focus on these high energy thoughts, we connect to and attract more of the same. Ring in 2017 with Intention. Let your creativity and passions flow. Do what you love. When days bring sadness or pain, focus on others. It is through our suffering that creates compassion for others going through the same. Be kind, be loving. Walk in nature and take time in Gratitude to appreciate the beauty and abundance that constantly surrounds us. You have unrestricted access to this power through the awareness of that powerful, beautiful human mind and in the simple process of breathing. You are a limitless being with unlimited potential. Find your freedom from the inside out. You are all you need already. You are enough and more.

If there is anything I can do to support your journey to freedom in mind and body this year, feel free to reach out. As I have returned to corrections for the time being, my work days have lessened to maintain a healthy balance. I am working from home 2 days a week and am now booking into February for one on ones and classes. If you want to get together for coffee or have been thinking about hosting an educational for your group, send me a note and we can set aside a date. I am continuing to teach weekly yoga at Mink Mountain Resort. Yoga nights are Monday’s in January and February with the exception of the 16th, that is unavailable, (new location TBA). In addition to yoga, everyone of those Monday’s I will be offering continuing education on Essential Oils from 6-6:45 pm. The class themes will be as follows…

Jan 9th SLEEP
Jan 23rd COOKING

The 8 week yoga series theme is “The 7 Faces of Intention” and will highlight one characteristic per week, paired with an oil that matches the Face. The 7 Faces are: Creativity, Kindness, Love, Beauty, Expansion, Abundance & Receptivity. I have 4 spots still available. Contact me if you are interested.

I am planning on travelling to teach in 2017, with trips to Duluth Jan 27-29th and Winnipeg in February on the books so far. If you are interested in collaborating in a Self Care Class with Yoga and Oils, I am very interested in coming to you! For January, doTERRA has extended the free Frank promo for orders of 200 PV. And anyone new enrol in January with 100 PV, setting up a Loyalty order in February of 100 PV, will get $100 free to spend. So if you have friends or family who are interested in getting a membership, January is a great time. I also have a Home Essentials Kit with a diffuser and the Top 10 Oils available to lend out to those interested in seeing what all the buzz is about. Let’s make 2017 about educating ourselves on Proactive Natural Health.

The last thing I wanted to talk about was the opportunity to share this gift with others. If creating time and financial freedom is on your goal list for 2017, then let’s talk business. Sharing or building can look like anything you want as far as time commitment. If you are looking to create more for yourself this year, I’m always available to chat about what it might look like for you.

I am so excited for all the potential that this year brings. I’d love to hear from you. If you need help with ordering, or you are interested in getting a membership or joining the rewards program, need suggestions for Self Care Routines, good books to read or if you just feel like sharing the joys of your year or dreams for this next one, I’d LOVE to hear from you! May your 2017 be full of Peace, Joy, Abundance and Gratitude!

Much love to you and yours,


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