May 2017

Yogis and Oil Lovers,

Although May is looking a lot more like winter than April did, summer really is just around the corner.  My focus is getting the house and yard ready as well as my exercise and Self Care routine scheduled as a priority.  What do you do to get organized?  Taking a moment to yourself with the diffuser going, a hot beverage and your planner to block time for your most important week goals is a great way to help make it happen.

Yoga Classes

I’m wrapping up my “Pillars of Joy” Somatic Yoga Series at Mink Mountain Resort. We have 3 sessions left; May 1, 8 & 16th.  There are a few spots available for drop-ins every week.  Book yours today!


This month I am booking appointments for free  One on One Wellness Consults.  Appointments are about 30 min and involve going over your health challenges/goals as well as developing a wellness plan that suits your needs.  They can be done in person, online or by phone.

If you know someone who has been asking about your oils, I have gifts for those who send me referrals. As always I have gift choices for those wishing to host a group class of their own.

Spots are booking up quickly so reach out soon.


Join us on Facebook for this appreciation event for doTERRA Customers.


Wellness ConversationsMay 11th 7-8pm

Join us for the below Workshop open to all current customers of doTERRA…image3-2



Petal Diffusers are 10% off in May


The oil of the month is a 15ml bottle of cedar wood for all 125 pv orders from either the US or the Canadian Warehouse.


Self Care is about taking time to fill your cup so that you have the energy and ability to love on those around you, as the best version of You!

Tip: Try 1 drop of your favorite citrus oil in a glass or stainless steel container of water.  Put it beside the bed and drink first thing in the morning.  This will help flush the body of toxins and balance your body’s pH.

Try diffusing 2 drops of cedar wood, 2 drops lavender and 2 drops vetiver for a restful night sleep.

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