Find Your Freedom


Wellness is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days.  But what does is mean?  What does it entail?  I have spent the last two years digesting as much knowledge and information as I can get my hands on in order to find a tangible, practical and easily applicable way to share what I’ve learned with others…

For me it has come down to looking  at all aspects of myself as a limitless, spiritual being in temporary human form.  I believe I chose to come into this life to learn specific lessons.  I believe I chose my parents, my country, and the circle of people into which I entered life.  I believe I chose to learn lessons that would increase my level of consciousness for this brief experiment in the temporary tent that is my body.

This human body consists of 4 different layers that are interwoven into a Being.  Vibrational (or spiritual), Emotional, Mental and Physical.  I found my Freedom by taking care of each of these aspects.  I found my Freedom through Self Care.

Looking back to the summer of 2015, I thankfully don’t recognize the person I was. Sitting here writing I well up with tears of gratitute for the person who cared enough to share the idea of Self Care with me.  Despite being very aware, connected and caring for my physical body at the time, I was totally disconnected to my vibrational, emotional and mental well being.  I had no idea that I had shitty coping skills to numb my fears and insecurities.  I hid them behind a thick defensive wall of anger and intimidation.  I had turned away from any spirituality, contemplating atheism and took no responsibility for creating the disharmony and disease in my life.

Fast forward two years…

I went back to school to learn how to teach yoga, though teaching wasn’t even on my radar.  Little did I know that learning to teach would make me a student of learning about myself.  I found a community of fellow students and a safe space to look inward.  To start digging into my stuff.  To find the awareness that I had stuff and that it was MY STUFF! Not someone else’s fault.  Not my parent’s fault.  Not Corrections fault.  Not Society’s fault.  NOBODY’s fault.  It was just the life and lessons that I chose to come to learn and apparently I chose to be a stubborn, slow learner in this experiment.

I learned that every thing is energy; from my emotions, to my thoughts, to all matter in the universe.  We are all the same.  Every living being is made of the same energy.  When I look at another person, I can recognize this energy in them.  I have learned that all this energy is measurable, calibrate-able, and that we can work on raising our energy level.  In fact, if I wanted to make any change in the world, I found out that I AM the ONLY thing that I can change.  I took the cape off.  I stopped trying to save others and I focused on me.  I had to be the change I wished to see.

I TOOK RESPONSIBILITY FOR ME.  To be the creator of my life.  The negative thoughts were only thoughts.  And thoughts could be changed.  Vibrations can be raised.  Emotions can be changed by looking at our subconscious beliefs, (our tool box that we develop before we are 7 years old).  This tool box can be upgraded if we have the awareness, courage and willingness to look inside.  Our mental patterns can be consciously created.  And although I had spent so much time and energy on developing my physical body, I had to learn that when the other 3 aspects are out of balance they affect the whole.  Our Vibrational, Emotional and Mental health is directly tied to whether we have ease or dis-ease in our Physical form.  In fact, when any of the 4 areas are out of whack, they affect the others.

It is my intention to create a Community of Mentors to learn the skillset to support themselves and others in a lifetime experiential journey of upgrading to our toolboxes.  To free ourselves from giving our power away with shame, guilt, blame and fear.  To find awareness, ability and change.

Are you willing to look inside?

Will you take responsibility as the creator and author of your story?  Are you ready to take your power back?

FREEDOM is on the other side of awareness and allowing.


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