2018 Celebrate You!


Yogis and Oil Lovers,

Happy New Year to you!  As 2018 dawns, I wish you all the best in health, wealth and freedom from fear.  May you take time to care for yourself, create space to feel, and choose Love to grow in connection to yourself and others.

Celebrate You.

EO Education

I will be offering 2 ways to learn this month; both community classes and online.

Community Classes are at:

JET Wellness

1092 Memorial Avenue

January 10th & 24th


Top 10...now what?.jpg

In addition to this refresher class, I will also be hosting a group class page online with an “Intro to Oils” video that you can watch anytime or refer friends and family to.  Tune in for details…


Somatic Yoga Classes

I am teaching two  8 Week Yoga Series in January; one at Mink Mountain and the other at JET Wellness.

Registration is now closed, though a single class option is available if booked in advance.  Contact me to reserve a spot.

Mink Mountain Mondays

Jan 8th 6:45-8pm $110

JET Wellness Tuesdays

Jan 9th 7:15-8:30 $100


Private Yoga Therapy

I am now booking January for Private Somatic Yoga Sessions. Sessions are $60 for 75min and focus on your individual goals; whether it be relief from chronic muscle tension or improving mobility, stability & strength.

Wellness Workshops

Are you looking to organize Wellness Education for your home or workplace? Specialized Training Workshops can be tailored to your group needs.  I am available to facilitate groups large or small in any area of interest from a 90 minute group yoga class to a full day workshop.


doTERRA January Promos

10% off Terrrazyme

Wild Orange is Product of the Month: Free with 125pv LRP order

Free Frank on any 200pv order extended until January 15th

New members enrolling with 100pv & a 100pv LRP get 100pv free

*contact me for details


Self Care Tips

When you think of all the areas of Self Care; from sleep, brain health, mood, emotions and stress management, to nutrition, detoxification and movement, what area do you do well in?  What aspect is easy for you?

Celebrate that.  Congratulate yourself for prioritizing that aspect of wellness!

So often in the new year we start looking at where we lack or fall short.  I’d like to encourage you to celebrate your successes, your strengths and the value of yourself as you are right now.

Instead of to-do lists and resolutions, get curious about what it would be like to instead focus on how you want to feel.  How do you want home, work, relationships, days off to “Feel”?  What words come up for you?

Focus on 3 words and ask yourself when given options on what to do with your day, “Does this move me towards or away from how I want to feel?”

Happy New Year to You!






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