Celebrate You

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Good February morning to you.  There is exciting new growth coming in the next few months here at Mind Body Whole Wellness!

JET Wellness has welcomed both our doTERRA Team and Somatic Yoga into its space.  Although this Newsletter is all about February, I wanted to let you know about what’s coming in the months ahead…

I will be offering 2 new Somatic Yoga Series running through March and April.  Look for Registration information in your email if you are an existing Client, here or on Facebook if you are interested in joining us!  There will be two additional Sunday drop-in classes per month; afternoons from 1:30-2:45pm, dates to be announced.  Above and beyond the existing themed Continuing Oil Education Classes that are offered, I will be teaching 2 “Intro to Essential Oils” classes on the same Sundays from 3-4pm.  Class is Free.

Winter is in full effect…Yoga’s sister science of Ayurveda tells us that this is a time to hibernate, reflect, eat warming, grounding foods and sloooow down.  Our lives tend to be so busy, and our nervous systems overstimulated.  Creating a quiet space for yourself, even if it’s only 5 or 10 minutes to sit and breathe.  If you “feel bad” taking time for yourself, or give to everyone else first, I really encourage you to do this one thing in February.  Get out your Tea Tree Oil, and put a drop on your heart.  Sit alone for 5 minutes and…Just. Breathe. Focus on the breath entering the belly.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca) is the oil of healthy boundaries.  Taking care of you ensures that your loved ones get the best of you instead of what’s left of you.

Celebrate You.

May you take time to care for yourself, create space to feel, and choose Love to grow in connection to yourself and others.

EO Education

Our Team is offering 2 community classes this month.  If you have people in your circle who have been asking about your oils, extend the invite.  You could even learn how to get yours free.


 Somatic Yoga Classes

Mink Mountain Mondays

We just wrapped up our last series on the 30th.  The next series will also run on Mondays starting in March for 9 weeks.  This class will be longer; 7-8:30pm.

Series investment is $150 or $135 for discount card holders.


JET Wellness Tuesdays

Series is underway with 4 classes remaining in February.  Drop in spot availability by text or FB.  Drop in $15.


Private Yoga Therapy

Now booking appointments for Private Somatic Yoga Sessions. Sessions are at a discounted rate while I complete Level 1 of my Therapist Certification.  $60 for 75min.

Focus is on your goals; whether it be relief from chronic muscle tension or improving mobility, stability & strength.


Wellness Workshops

Are you looking to organize Wellness Education for your home or workplace?

Specialized Training Workshops can be tailored to your group needs.  I can facilitate groups large or small in any area of interest from a 90-minute group yoga class to a full day workshop.

doTERRA Monthly Promos

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