May Update


Yogis and Oil Lovers,

As I sit reflecting on the highs and lows of April; both celebrating the luxury of a birthday and grieving the loss of a loved one that won’t see another…

I am reminded that my only task in this temporary experiment of human-ness is to show up and be seen as my authentic self; to share my life, learnings, mistakes, successes and challenges. This sharing of vulnerability creates connection.  It is what I am here to do. To show up, to share, bringing the compassion I have for myself in my human-ness to others in theirs.  To see, hear and hold space for people to just be.

Day by day I am letting go of expectations, judgements, and “shoulds”. I am practicing BEING, knowing that every moment is worthy of its presence no matter how painful or rewarding. As for my daily routine, my intention is to stick close to my practice of somatic yoga and meditation for that is how I find joy, peace and FREEDOM!  This internally focused Self Care allows us to fill our cups and give others the best version of ourselves.  It is essential to prioritize your Self Care to do more than just survive…You are meant to THRIVE!  Are you in pain, stiff, sore or just want to feel better day to day? Would you like more energy, a better sleep? More mobility, less Pain? Better mood?  Less stress?  Let’s make time to talk!  Soma Yoga and EOs work hand in hand to create space to support that inward journey.  I am here to be a resource to any aspect of Self Care that you would like to focus on.  Please never hesitate to reach out.


Celebrate You.

May you take time to care for yourself, create space to feel, and choose to grow in connection to yourself and others.


Mink Mountain Mondays

May 3rd& 7th


Call for drop-in availability


Yoga for Stress

Jet Wellness Tuesdays

May 8th& 15th


Drop-In $15

RSVP by e-transfer


Private Yoga Therapy

Now Booking Appointments

$60 per session or $150/3

Jet Wellness

1092 Memorial Ave

Private Sessions address:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Mobility Issues
  • Nutrition
  • Cleansing
  • Stress & Sleep
  • Emotions & Mood
  • Self-Awareness


June YOGA Series

Dates and times TBA



May Oil Promos

Rosemary is POM on 125pv LRP Orders

10% off OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate

Immortelle is free with any 200pv Canadian order







Oil Tips

Immortelle is the “fountain of youth” for my skin.  I apply it daily to fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead and neck before my moisturizer.  Whether you are getting a new membership, on LRP or doing a 1x order, this $90 roller is free on all 200 pv orders from the Canadian Warehouse. If you do your order with the Loyalty Program you also receive Rosemary for free.  Try a couple of drops in the bath with lavender or clary sage for its relaxing properties.

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