Summer at MBWW



Late greetings for June!  I am just returning home from a retreat held by my doTERRA Business Team in Austin, Texas. I posted about it a lot over the last week…how work and personal life don’t have to be separate when work is not synonymous with stress.  I get to do this with my friends.  I travel and teach with amazing and inspiring people who are using the opportunity to help others as well as create a financial pipeline for their futures instead of hauling buckets, (trading hours for a paycheck).  This whole year hasn’t felt like work; it feels like I’m showing up to play and live in my passions.  I invite you to do the same; create a life you LOVE!  We are not here to play small.


My next yoga series will begin in late summer/early fall and I will keep you posted when dates are confirmed.  I continue to book private sessions and am offering a discounted rate for June and July of $50 for an hour session while I complete my certification hours.  Rates will increase in September when I move into my office space with my first level towards Yoga Therapist Certification completed.

Exciting times as I start building a space in my yard for small group practice lakeside.  I hope to be offering a mini-Retreat setting by next summer!



Private Yoga Therapy

Now Booking Appointments

$50 per session

Home or Office:

Jet Wellness

1092 Memorial Avenue, Thunder Bay

Private Sessions address:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Mobility Issues
  • Nutrition
  • Cleansing
  • Stress & Sleep
  • Emotions & Mood
  • Self-Awareness


Celebrate You.

May you take time to care for yourself, create space to feel, and choose to grow in connection to yourself and others.


If you have people in your life who are curious about Essential Oils or finding Freedom from issues affecting quality of life and you think they’d be open to chatting, would you consider referring them?  Feel free to forward my information.



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