Ant or Grasshopper? Winter is coming…


If you are already a MBWW Customer you have already made the shift to prioritizing yourself.  Take a moment in gratitude for celebrating your worth!  It is my passion to help you continue to learn and integrate tools to bring more Freedom in to every area of your life.

Where are you working this month?

Physical: Nutrition, Meal Timing, Detoxifying, Digestion, Immunity?

Emotional: Awareness of coping and/or numbing mechanisms?

Mental: Supporting rewiring of neuro-pathways?  Noticing thought patterns? Mindset?

Financial: Perspective…living in an abundance or scarcity?

Relational: Boundaries…Learning to say “No.”? What are you saying “Yes.” to?

Spiritual: Creating time to connect to yourself.  Yoga? Meditation? Contemplation?

Do you have a Self Care Routine?  Have you spent time thinking about what recharges your batteries and fills your cup with Joy?

What are your daily non-negotiables for Self Care?

It is my passion to work with those people who are ready.  To make the shift to being the ant.  Teaching tools for proactive Whole Mind and Body Wellness and creating opportunities for genuine connection is why I am here.  Everything in my life up until now has been preparing me to do so…to show up with my story, vulnerability and all, to share all the things…

Ready to put Wellness & Self Care on the Priority List?

Seasons are changing and I am listening to my body’s cues to sloooow down. Are you listening?
Are you the ant or the grasshopper? Do you make preparations? Take care of yourself? Recharge your batteries? Feed your body well? Get enough rest?

Or are you more likely to give until you are burnt out, exhausted and sick before you seek resources to feel better? Again, the choice will always be yours.

Wouldn’t you rather take a little time daily to fill your cup? To give the best version of yourself as a parent, partner, friend?

We can connect more fully to ourselves and others when we take time for Self Care ❤️

Are you ready to begin? Let’s chat. It’s SO easy to get started. And all of November I’ll hook you up with an additional $50 of oils with any enrolment kit.

No, you don’t have to sell oils to your friends.
No, you don’t have to have a party.
No, you don’t have to buy something every month.

You do however get to buy the highest quality essential oils on the planet whenever you want for the same price I pay.

You get 24/7 support and education as you need it from me and my team.

You get tools to empower your family’s health and well being in your own Home.

You support a community who is serving and giving back to the world. A community who believes in transparency in testing, ethical & sustainable sourcing, supporting small scale farmers as well as bettering the lives of global communities AND funding the dreams and freedom of all their people ❤️

The kindness you show yourself is a direct reflection of your ability to be kind to others as well as setting the example for how you allow others to treat you. We are all so inextricably CONNECTED 💜

Message me. It’s time. Put yourself on that list.


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