Happy Holidays from MBWW

December Greetings from Mind Body Whole Wellness!

  These past few weeks have been full of excitement and potential.  If any of you have read, “The Earth is Hiring”, by Peta Kelly, you know that “The Script” is a tool you create to read daily.  This vision board in writing details the ways you picture yourself giving back to the world with your unique talents and passions.  It has turned out to be the portal to opportunities manifesting. 

  Part of my original business plan was to build a Retreat Centre on Lake Superior.  With the encouragement of one of my mentors I put it all on paper and sent it out to the Universe.  Let me first say that I am incredibly grateful for life as it is, right now.   However, I also know that I am here to show up, not to play small, and to give back to the world in big ways…namely sharing what I have learned about finding Freedom through Self Care.  SO, to show up in a big way feels to me like creating a space where people can meet in community to share their gifts and learnings with each other.   Here’s to hoping that the 2 Federal Grant opportunities that came across my desk last month will come to fruition in the new year!

  From this same script has come the desire to talk about Freedom through Self Care to groups of people as speaking events.  December 19th I have been given this opportunity to speak to a local Women in Business Event and I could not be more excited. 

  Self Care Sundays continue to be a favourite part of my week.  I have loved hearing from those of you who are finding value in the sharing.  This week I’ll be talking about Soma Yoga & Yoga Nidra and what exactly my new class series offerings will entail.  

Mink Mountain Yoga classes continue every Wednesday night 7-8:15pm, with a couple drop-in spots available.     

Sunday Night Relax is a new 8 Week Soma-Nidra Series that will be offered at JET Wellness in January & February.   This blending of Soma Yoga Therapy and explanation of Yoga Nidra pre-practices creates an environment for those looking to find tools for deep relaxation and relief from chronic muscle tension in a warm, candlelit space that supports the journey inward.  This will be a floor, (or chair), based class that does not require any experience, flexibility or mobility, just a willingness to take time for yourself to connect and relax.  To RSVP a spot, payment by transfer can be made to mindbodywholewellness@hotmail.com

  There is potential for a second Sunday class at the Neebing Community Centre on Sunday afternoons, either 2pm or 3pm start.  If you or someone you know might be interested in this location, feel free to let me know.  

Cell Free Saturdays, (with the exception of those that fall on the 1st of the month), continue to be the day of the week that I look forward to the most.  Working from Home and creating business & personal time boundaries has been a fun experiment this year.  Saturday is my day to connect with friends and family, without technology; laptops, wifi and cell phone away.  A day to be fully present.

  November was a great month for Essential Oil Education!  I lead a week long Educational in our Essential Oil Community Facebook Group.  If you are a customer and not in the BOGO Week Group, you are welcome to join anytime.  Even if you don’t participate in BOGO week, the daily videos that explain the science and usage methods are a super convenient way to take in small doses of learning as you need them.  This month the tradition of free Frankincense continues by placing any 200pv order throughout December.

  If you participate in this deal, make sure to do so on a Loyalty order so you also get the free 5ml of Holiday Joy, (blends well in the diffuser with Frank and Arborvitae which is 10% off).

Essential Oil Education has become my full-time gig.  I love teaching about the science of how the oils work in the body at a molecular level.  I love explaining the therapeutic benefits from a chemistry perspective.  Humans have been using plants as medicine for as long as we have existed.  To have the language to speak to both science and nature is a gift I want to keep sharing.  There are a number of ways to get started…

  1. Call me to set up a time to talk 1:1
  2. Shoot me a message and I can send you the link to my class video
  3. Book a class in January and I ‘ll come teach in person

  This is about prioritizing your wellness through Self Care.  You have the choice to create a daily routine that is proactive instead of reactive.  You are worth it.  It is not selfish to put yourself on the list.  You can show up more fully as a person, partner and parent when you feel recharged.  Self Care is a celebration of our inherent worth and value.  We can connect better to ourselves and others when our cup is full.  

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