How do you do Self Care?

What does Self Care look like for you? It’s different for everyone…job type, hours worked, kids, family, mental & physical health and time to relax & rest all factor into your ability to recharge everyday.

My 3 M’s of Meditation, Movement & Meaning are my keys to daily Self Care. I feel the best mentally & physically when I prioritize these 3 actions. When I make them a priority I show up to life with my batteries fully charged. I feel connected to my purpose. I feel Joy.

January was slow & ease filled for me. I’ve been mindfully preparing for a full year with a return to school in March. I stocked up with food and wine so I could fully hibernate throughout the cold snaps. Most days were spent reading and reviewing anatomy. I had several occasions to celebrate friendships over cozy meals at home and with family. My focus was on doing all the things to schedule and get organized; creating my own lesson plan teaching manual, prioritizing travel & education opportunities and ordering supplies for upcoming classes.

My intention for February is much of the same…I am most excited about offering new classes that go a little deeper; that incorporate Self Study with a physical practice. More questions to ponder, more time to reflect and connect inward. I am excited to work with others like myself who want more. Who want to learn to meditate, to dig into old patterns, beliefs and conditioning that no longer serve them…to find more Freedom in Life! That’s exactly why I am heading towards only teaching registration series; this format requires a commitment to your own personal journey of Self-examination.

“Meditation begins very simply with cultivating an honest observation of oneself and conscious awareness of life as it is.” -David Frawley

So, if you are looking to go deeper, to start to free yourself from a racing mind or long held negative emotions, starting a meditation practice is a great place to begin.

February Offerings

Yoga is for EVERY body

No experience, mobility or flexibility required. Classes are focused on releasing tension and re-establishing the connection between brain and muscles. Creating an environment for deep relaxation and connection inward. Did you know that Yoga is SO much more than a physical practice? Poses or “Asana” are just one of the 8 Limbs of Yoga. The first 2 are called the Yamas & Niyamas, (Restraints & Observances).  These Ethical Principles of Yoga explore our relationship to both the World & Ourselves.

Classes will run 90 minutes to provide time to relate one principal per week to both the physical movement practice and the integration of concepts into your everyday life in the mental, emotional and relational realms. We will spend a portion of each class sharing integration work experiences in a small group setting of 10 individuals committed to the 10 week process.  

Investment is $200 & includes the book, weekly education, diffusion and application of essential oils that support the theme of each class.  

*No drop-in availability

Registration with non-refundable payment by February 15th

Sunday Night Classes will run 7-8:30pm @JET Wellness

March 3, 10, 17 & 24th

April 14, 21 & 28th

May 12, 19 & 26th

*10 Participant Maximum

The next Mink Mountain Yoga class is filling up fast, with only 2 spots left. I will be teaching less in April to focus on school and Private Therapy Session practicum hours.

There are still 4 spots available for drop-in for Sunday Night Relax. There are 4 more classes in the Series, Sundays in February, 7-8:15pm. Drop-in rate is $17, or $60 for the remaining 4 classes.

February doTERRA Essential Oil Education

For all doTERRA customers in our “Breathe In” Community I am offering a Make & Take Class where the education will based on the requests of participants. Any subject that serves to support the layers of overall Wellness. You can make 3 different, personalized, 10ml roller bottle blends to support whatever area you are currently focused on.

I will have all the oils with a “Price per Drop” List so you can make any blend you would like from the resource materials provided. Or you can take the rollers home to create from the recipes provided. We will finish off the class with a Breath Practice and Guided Meditation.

Register with non-refundable payment by e-transfer to:

February doTERRA Promos

My intention for 2019 is to continue offering Yoga & Essential Oil classes to support all Layers of Wellness. I truly believe that I am here to first be a student myself; to deepen my own Self-examination practice and second, to share from that learning the tools to Freedom through Connection & Self Care. My practice is strengthened by Cell Free Saturdays; a weekly day to disconnect from social media and connect, fully present to Self, Family & Friends.

I will also continue connecting to my Facebook community of individuals seeking to add to their Self Care Toolboxes. Look for me Sundays LIVE at 3pm EST for Self Care Sundays…weekly tips and sharing of what I’ve been learning.

Self Care is a recognition of your inherent value…you are worth it!

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