What do you notice?

Day to day…pay attention to what you pay attention to. Where is your focus?  What do you notice?  What are your first thoughts on rising?  What are the first words that come out of your mouth in the morning?

Awareness.  Being aware of what you are doing, thinking, saying…it creates your reality.  It shapes your life.  Are you being intentional about it?  Do you know what you are creating or do you think life just “happens” to you?  Passively reacting or consciously choosing?

Choice.  The choice is yours…whether you take responsibility for it or not.

I’ve had a lot of time and space to notice in the last month.  In Yoga philosophy, one of the 8 aspects of overcoming the mind is “Sense Withdrawal” and right use of the senses.  Part of this world being so stressed and overwhelmed is because we are taking in too much stimulus.  And more important even is the quality of what we allow in.  

The practice of “becoming” Yoga, (it is not something you “do”), is bringing the body to a comfortable stillness so that you can reflect inward, to the more subtle layers of the mind.  When we can quiet what we are allowing in from the external environment, we can give ourselves the space to look at what thoughts are running the show. Many people keep external noise on high to avoid what they might find.  What I have experienced is that getting to know and navigate my internal landscape is the sole path to Freedom in both my mental and physical realms.

This is what I’m talking about when I speak about Self Care.  Not wine and bubble baths, not massages and dinners out, but proactively scheduling PRIORITIZED and intentional time for yourself, in SILENCE, to connect to inward. Your mind and body are trying to tell you things.  They are the map to your own wellness and well-being…IF you LISTEN.   

The more space your create, the more it will teach you. You are your own teacher, healer, guide and Guru.  And only YOU have access to this internal landscape.  Can you take on the responsibility for seeking out this space? It can be scary, and messy and dark. But I promise that it will bring growth and transformation on all levels, and most importantly it will bring more and more Freedom, Joy and the ability to connect freely with the ones who are most important to you.

Baby steps…notice what you are taking in through your senses. Quality? Quantity?

What are you watching? Listening to? Eating? Who are the people you spend the most time with?  What movement are you using your body for? Day to day what is the quality of your thoughts? Words? Actions?  Small daily, moment to moment CHOICES to bring more calm, space, silence and nature into your world.  Less negativity in social media, news, music…(lyrics of songs stuck in your head on repeat are part of what’s forming your world).  What are you creating?

The tools and practices of Yoga, (the 8 Limbs), are a step by step guide to cultivating this mastery.  They are the perfect Self Care Guide!  It took me 37 years to be ready to go inward.  My toolbox for coping and numbing out from the stresses of work and life had reached their functional max out point.  The noise inside was getting louder than what I was using to drown it out.  My body was starting to scream at me.  I was ready to listen.  Now, paying attention, after slogging through the painful and dark depths of conditioning, beliefs and habits with a lot of compassion and humor, I realize Universally, we all, (including myself), are doing the best that we can with tools that we have. Are you ready for more?  To go deeper?  Perhaps time for some upgrades?

Freedom is CONNECTION to and exploration of our internal landscape. 

If you’re looking for a Guide, feel free to reach out. Best trip you can take in this lifetime. 

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