Coming Back to Center

Coming Back to Center

  There is an underlying expectation that to be successful in life we should live in balance at all times.  Somehow, if we are good enough, we will maintain a constant state of perfection. This sounds like a ridiculous impossibility when we put it like this; however, most of us hold ourselves to such high standards that we are always striving, struggling and judging  ourselves, (and others),  for not doing better.  

  The reality is that life is change.  Constant change from moment to moment.  Instead of a balanced scale, life is more like an infinity sign; an ebb and flow between chaos and peace, challenge and reward, work and play, pleasure and pain. Riding the wave between dualities or opposites.  Our role as beings simply to learn how best to transition skillfully between the two. How to come back to center, and take “PAUSE”…

  I’ve been working solely from home for the last 18 months.  After 18 years in a job of a much different structure, working from home meant crafting a new routine for myself that would support flow between work and personal time, as well as holding myself accountable for what needed to get done day to day.  If you follow my social media, you know that a new opportunity has come to work with the ECHO Program, facilitating online education for healthcare providers.  Last week was my first week.  Returning to work outside of home, albeit only 3 days a week, required yet another shift.  It is a big time of change. I chose this topic to write about because I felt completely “out of center”.  I had just returned from a time of solitude and into the world of computers, phone, people & deadlines imposed onto my quiet daily home routine of Self Care and self-employment.  How would I re-establish balance?  

  First of all, huge props to all of you out there working fulltime with kids.  I don’t know how you do it!  Over the last 4 years I’ve balanced working fulltime, school and starting a new business.  I have a huge respect for anyone who has raising children added to everything else! 

  Now was my time to practice what I teach…

How would I use the tools of Self Care to find space to recharge in the midst of the newness and added responsibility?  

I took time to listen.

What do I need?  Where can I take time?  What will it look like and what needs to shift to still get my “3 M’s”, (Meditation, Movement & Meaning), in?  Last week everything went out the window to make room for the new job.  This weekend I had to take PAUSE.  I had to un-schedule. I had to make room.  I cancelled plans and gave myself space to just be with a little overwhelm.  All good things coming in, don’t get me wrong.  But more good still equals time required.  The lesson being that when more comes, something needs to be let go of to make room.  It’s when we keep adding more and more without letting go of what no longer serves, that we burn ourselves out.  

  After a 2 week hiatus, I found my way back to my mat.  Whether it’s sitting for meditation, or laying down for SomaYoga, I finally gave my body the opportunity to tell me what was needed.  I KNOW that these times of silence are what ground and connect me.  They are what bring me back to center.  What works for you?  What does the time and space look like where you can best listen to what you need?  

  For the rest of July & August I decided to let go of teaching weekly classes and take a break from the Podcast. I will give myself the extra time to learn the roles and responsibilities of my new job as well as to enjoy the summer.  I return to school at the end of the month for my 2nd session towards Yoga Therapist Certification.  My primary focus outside of the ECHO Program Tuesday to Thursday is my Private Yoga Therapy practice.  I will be taking bookings for 1 on 1 sessions on Mondays throughout the summer.  If you have an area of discomfort, pain or tension that you would like to find release in, reach out.  All first time sessions are 90 minutes where we will work together to create a home movement practice that addresses the area of focus.  Private sessions are $75, or $200 for 3 sessions that would include a 90 minute initial, and 2 follow up 60 minute sessions to create a long term Therapeutic Self Care Plan with follow up on progress and adjustment or additional movement as required.  

    For my doTERRA customers, July’s Oil of the Month is Lime and TerraShield Spray is 10% off. I use Lime oil daily in my water, add it to club soda with spearmint oil, in cooking anywhere that I would use lime juice; like mojitos and guacamole!  It is my go-to in the diffuser with Siberian Fir to both ground me with a tree oil and uplift with citrus.  If you’re interested in how the chemistry of the oils can affect and support the limbic system, (mood/emotions), there are many chemistry posts and videos on our Customer Education page.  

  I hope you have a wonderful summer with intentional time taken for yourself.  I encourage you to find the specific-to-you ways to recharge and prioritize time weekly for those things.  You are the best parent, partner & person when you show up recharged as the fullest version of yourself.  We are all doing the best we can with the tools we have day-to-day.  Seek to understand versus agree and extend the same compassion, empathy and humor to both yourself and others as we ebb and flow on the waves of this incredible experience in these tents of humanness.  What glorious skin-sacks we are!

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