*To put thought, desire, and planned purpose into a goal or resolve.

As I walked around my neighborhood yesterday reflecting on summer, it felt very intentional.  It was a lot of time spent at home preparing for what’s next.  It felt like I was being asked to get clear on what it is I want to focus my attention on.  To bring clarity to my intentions.

Teaching. Sharing.  Educating.  Bringing Yoga Therapy to Health Care.

Moving into the fall, my intention is to continue to learn and prepare for sharing Yoga Therapy with others; both in community classes, private therapy sessions and in educating organizations on the empowering practices and philosophies of Yoga.  

In the last few weeks I have learned two new words.  

Eudaimonia: Flourishing and enduring happiness; deep, lasting joy with meaning and purpose.

Symmathesy: The co-evolution of learning together.  To bring clarity to our thoughts about life and it’s big questions; putting them into the fabric of relating to each other, and that in those relationships there is a constant state of change. 

These two words are in the context of ACTIVE engagement in our own Self Care.  The realization that we are all connected.  And that we are here to learn together, in relationship, creating lives full of enduring happiness, meaning and purpose in the midst of our always changing life circumstance.  

Enter Yoga Therapy…a seeking of greater growth and maturity in our own wisdom.  Not to treat symptoms, but to dive deep into issues that are related to the understanding of suffering and pain.  To move beyond a sense of separate, isolated, different selves, to honouring our common ground, connections and commonalities as well as differences.  (Taylor 2018)

Our intention is to bring awareness to and add to our toolbox, bringing new capacities, insights and understanding to each stage of our growth. 

Yoga Therapy creates a safe space to learn:

  • The ability to trust your body, yourself & others
  • Empowered tools to care for yourself
  • To be kind to your nervous (stress response) system
  • The meaning and function of pain
  • To look inside yourself for the solution
  • Body & mental life regulation
  • A richer experience of feelings
  • Ability to respond vs react
  • Build insight into past/present experiences
  • Self-understanding, empathy and life philosophy
  • Pain resolution strategies

I am so excited to move into this next chapter of learning and sharing with you…

While I continue my focus on the Private Therapy aspect of my practicum hours for school, I will be offering 2 weekly group classes in the community: Neebing and Thunder Bay.  

Please email for registration information and packages.

Mink Mountain Yoga Therapy Class 10 Week Series

Mink Mountain Resort, 240 Mink Mountain Drive

Tuesday Nights September-November


Sunday Night Relax 8 Week Series 

JET Wellness, 1092 Memorial Ave

Sunday Nights September-November


***Series discounts, 5 Class Passes & Drop-ins available for all classes***

Gift Certificates are available for community or private group classes as well as for Individual Private Yoga Therapy Session Packages.  

What better gift than the experience of Self Care?

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