Looking back…

Many of my conversations over the last week have revolved around the difference it makes whether or not fear is a prevailing force in one’s life. Tonight I had dinner with an incredible woman that I met only a week ago. One of many new friends I have met from my seat in my favorite place in Merida @oliva_merida 
There are no coincidences. This world is tiny and we really are all connected. Tonight we talked about life’s greatest lessons. In the last 5 years I’ve unraveled and released so much old programming. I joked that I picked the worst possible time to transition from introvert to extrovert 🤣 I look at the girl in these pictures now; a decade ago…with so much compassion, gratitude and a sense of humor. My god the walls were thick, defenses and armor strong. The conditioning to be fiercely independent, fight the battles, wear the cape, save and fix, don’t show fear, emotion or weakness. Don’t ask for help. Be assertive, aggressive, be a leader, be intimidating…I barely recognize her. But I deeply appreciate every experience that brought me to this place of undoing. Of letting go. Softening. Opening. To let go of fear. To integrate and love all the shadows into Light. To allow her to be so fully herself. Powerfully feminine…even dress and pearl wearing. Wandering in a state of bliss, presence, freedom and pleasure. It is such a different energy to live from. If I can shift out of the “Fortress of Solitude” anyone can.

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