Online Offerings to stay Connected

  I feel like it is time for a bit of an update after so many changes have been shifting our world in the last month or so.  I am currently still in Merida, Mexico.  My initial plans were to be here for 2 months, until April 1st to ride out winter.  I arrived here before any of the full force of this global event began.  Up until yesterday I was living in a bit of a bubble.  I was supposed to return to Canada to a new job, new yoga series and a summer full of plans.  
  The emails began to come in a few days ago.  Notes of concern from friends and family, links to news articles, and cancellation updates to classes here as well as suggestions from Yoga Alliance and the Association of Yoga Therapists to cease all public classes for the near future.  
  In response to all of this I have decided to stay put where I am for the next month or so and not risk any of the travel that would be required to come home.  In hopes of using this time as an opportunity to help others stay connected and healthy in body and mind, I have decided to offer online yoga classes.  The classes will be a mix of body, mind and breath practices designed to create a space for you to connect to yourself.  A safe place to take advantage of this opportunity we all have to listen to our bodies, to destress and realize that we are all connected.  What one does affects all the others.  I will be posting information on my social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram and my website

Monday & Wednesday night weekly classes
8pm MST via account

Classes are free for the time being, but donations to for e-transfer or to PayPal are greatly appreciated as online classes will be sole means of income until this is resolved. I wish for everyone to take this time from the perspective of the opportunity it creates to connect with loved ones, slow down and care for yourselves.  There is no other, no separation…we are all connected.  We need each other.  Wishing you health, hope and peace.

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