Cheers to the last day of 2020.

  This morning I was inspired by conversations I’ve been having with a colleague around intentions and how I want to show up in 2021…

My intention has been the same for the last 5 years: 

More Freedom & Connection

  I want to feel Connected to myself and others, individually and universally, intimately and authentically.  I want to be seen and heard, loved and accepted, both my light and my shadow, (not by everyone), but by the circle I choose.  I want to feel free.  Freedom in all the layers of my being: Free and ease-filled in my body, breath, mind, emotions, and intellect.   Free to be led by wisdom and intuition. Most importantly, free to experience life as it comes, moment to moment, BEING with what comes without resistance or needing to change it. 

Surrender.  Trust.  Reverence.  

(Prerequisites for “BEING”)

  The moon was full here at 9pm last night.  A cloudy night.  But tonight she should rise, clear to be seen around 6pm.  I’ll be out on the trails to witness the transition to 2021.  Something about the full moon rising at night on the cusp of a new year to consciously create the energy I want to bring in…

  Humans have used imagery, metaphors and story to give meaning and understanding to their experience since the dawn of time.  Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedanta & Tantra are all part of the Eastern traditions of such meaning making.  The West has stories of their own.  There is no right or wrong, just what resonates with you in each stage of your life.  Our truth is fluid.  Evolving.  The biggest difference in my life at this point has been to have my “3 M’s”.  Daily non-negotiables for self-care.  

  Meaning.  A life philosophy that gives purpose and helps to connect to a bigger perspective.  To make sense of why I am here.  To be sure of the point of life.  Having a personal philosophy has helped me unpack the shadow, bring more light and dissolve fear.  

  Meditation.  A daily mental cleaning.  Just as you would unpack after a trip, or clean up after a meal, our mind needs a daily reset to perform optimally and to process daily experience.  A quiet PAUSE, in silent stillness for integration. Like cleaning the chalkboard after class.  

  Movement.  Our nervous system functions from 1 of 3 states.  Immobilization after trauma that is interpreted as unescapable, the survival response of fight or flight that is read as something we can act on, or the thriving response where we feel free and connected to ourselves and others.  (Personally, I want to train myself to spend as much of my life in this state as possible).  When our nervous system reads the stressors of our environment, (external or internal), we are unconsciously shifted into survival response.  Movement is a great way to signal to the system that we are listening.  Acting. Moving your body with activity it loves is a great way to shift yourself back into Thriving.  Back into Connection.

What are your daily needs for self-care?  What do you do to give yourself time to listen to what you need?  What would it look like to create some intentional time for you?  To me, that’s what Yoga is…not something you “do”.  More so time to practice “being”.  To connect and become more free.  Sounds good to me.  

Are you ready?

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