Mind Body Whole Wellness

Freedom through Connection


Teaching tools for self-mastery and freedom.


Providing an environment for self discovery, self-responsibility and wellness.  Teaching principles and practices that unite Body, Breath & Mind through self-regulation of the nervous system. Focus is on the Pillars of Wellness: Movement, Breath, Self Awareness, Nutrition, Sleep & Stress Management. Finding your path to freedom in mind and body by creating a life of connection through a Self Care Routine that best serves your health goals.

About Jen Aarnamo


After 16 years as a Correctional Officer and a particularly stressful year at work, I decided it was time to start making some lifestyle changes.  I recognized in myself the signs and symptoms of PTSD; unreasonable and unexpected “Fight or Flight” triggers outside of work, extreme irritability & anger, insomnia and inability to feel or express emotions.  I felt broken.  I knew that things needed to change.

In 2015, after the suggestion of a dear friend, I applied to Yoga North International Soma Yoga Institute in Duluth, MN.  In the years that followed; through study in yoga philosophy, practice, and some soul searching, I found my way back to the person I wanted to be.

I rediscovered my desire to serve and give back to the world through teaching.  I wanted to share all the tools that I had learned to heal myself from work and life stress.  In my heart I knew I was done with Corrections.  I had found the way to do more and give back, especially to my brothers and sisters in the First Responder Community.  While at school, I developed the Yoga for Sheepdogs program, (now Stress Resiliency Training or SRT),  as my Practicum assignment.   The concept is that in society, we have everyday citizens, (the sheep), as well as those with capacity for violence for personal gain, (the wolves).  The Sheepdogs are thin blue line that separate the two; protecting the sheep from the wolves.  SRT works to develop self-regulation skills to transition between the mental armour required for the job and the ability to transition back to healthy home life.

In addition to SRT, the idea of starting my own business gave birth to the creation of Mind Body Whole Wellness.  MBWW Yoga Therapy creates an environment for people to become self-responsible, self-connected and self-regulating in times of challenge or reward…aka find Freedom.

September 2020 I graduated from Yoga North SomaYoga Institute’s Yoga Therapy Program certified as an C-IAYT Yoga Therapist.  Since then I have been working with people all over the world online and in person to create personalized lifestyle routines that support goals of the individual whether they be pain resolution, mental health or stress resilience.

Taking intentional daily time to switch off the survival response to sense, feel and integrate life experience creates the ability to meet life as your best self.