Purpose Seeking

  I’ve spent the last month reconnecting and catching up with friends and family.  There has been a common theme emerging in all conversations.  I’ve felt it myself.  At first I thought something was wrong, or maybe I was just a little down or homesick.  But after sharing these feelings with my circle, I found I’m not alone.  It feels like … More Purpose Seeking


To be able to better handle what life throws at us. To bounce back. To come back to a grounded center when life’s challenges arise.    These are some of the reasons I sought out the skills, the tools and lifestyle practices of Yoga. I’ve said it before…Yoga is not something you do, it is something … More RESILIENCE.


I surfaced out of retreat this morning.   INTENSE. A week of seated mindfulness meditation…(give or take 1 or 2 days of an ego tantrum).  It was a humbling experience.    I live alone.  Close to nature.  In the wilderness every day.  I live in relative silence, without tv, and spend the majority of most days on my own.  I have done … More Post-Retreat

Looking forward…

Although this morning’s -40 temperature hardly reflects winter ending, the sun feels warm through the windows and the sunset is coming later everyday. This hibernation period has been great for reflecting, but as the days get longer I find myself planning for the next change of season. For the next 3 months I have the … More Looking forward…