Letting Go

  2019 felt tough.  Not bad, just challenging.  A lot of time spent intentionally alone.  Listening.  Being in discomfort.  Creating space for letting go, clearing and also to make room for what is coming next.  (Whatever that might be).  Part of my practice has been letting go of needing to have a backup plan, of needing to be in control & of … More Letting Go

Monthly musings…

  I’m sitting here reflecting like I do every 1st of the month.  I ask myself what was the most memorable moment, biggest lesson learned, how I spent my time, who I’m grateful for and how am I different from the last one?   It seems the theme and lesson of this year for me is to continually … More Monthly musings…

Kama: Pleasure & Joy…Enjoyment of the Senses

  The best part of my September was being in Retreat last weekend.  The theme of our time together was “Healing the Heart” through reclaiming Kama.  All that I learned during my time out in the woods of Wisconsin resonated so well with my current concepts of Freedom.  The idea that Freedom comes from an internal connection to yourself.  Kama … More Kama: Pleasure & Joy…Enjoyment of the Senses


*To put thought, desire, and planned purpose into a goal or resolve. As I walked around my neighborhood yesterday reflecting on summer, it felt very intentional.  It was a lot of time spent at home preparing for what’s next.  It felt like I was being asked to get clear on what it is I want to focus … More Intention.

Global Yoga Therapy Day

Today is Global Yoga Therapy Day… What is Yoga Therapy?   Yoga Therapy by definition of the International Association of Yoga Therapists is, “…the process of empowering individuals to progress towards improved health and wellbeing through the applications and practices of yoga.” What are the practices of Yoga Therapy? Yoga Therapy is empowering as it creates … More Global Yoga Therapy Day

Social Media Break

“Sattva” in really simple terms is a quality. It is stable, light, intelligence, calm and closest to the pure nature of truth. As I prepare for this next session of deep study and learning in Yoga Therapist Certification, I find myself craving more solitude. So as I am learning this new job, solitude has to … More Social Media Break

What do you notice?

Day to day…pay attention to what you pay attention to. Where is your focus?  What do you notice?  What are your first thoughts on rising?  What are the first words that come out of your mouth in the morning? Awareness.  Being aware of what you are doing, thinking, saying…it creates your reality.  It shapes your life.  Are you being intentional about it?  Do … More What do you notice?

Freedom from stress, tension & pain…

April was a month full of challenges and rewards…expansion and growth, very much suited for spring.  I completed the first of 5 sessions towards my final certification as a Yoga Therapist.  The course will span the next 18 months, with a focus on applying Yoga Therapy to both group classes and private sessions.  I am always blown away … More Freedom from stress, tension & pain…