Yoga for Sheepdogs

All First Responders Welcome!

yfsd_logoWelcome. Yoga for Sheepdogs is a community based class built to teach stress management
and self care practices to those tasked with working in high stress environments. The yoga is based on Somatics; reconnecting the brain to areas of long held muscle tension and teaching the body to consciously relax. This style blends with therapeutic yoga to improve mobility and functional movement. You will learn strategies to address anxiety, sleep issues, mobility and trauma sensitivity in and out of the workplace.

First Responders work in high stress environments and are at higher risk for developing anxiety, depression and PTSD than the average person. Learn how yoga can give first responders the tools to release stress and trauma in the mind and body, shut off hyper vigilance, and find inner resiliency.

Yoga for Sheepdogs was developed with awareness of the First Responder environment.
Instructed by former Correctional Officer of 18 years, Soma Yoga Instructor Jen Aarnamo will lead you through a program specifically designed to address the issues that she has seen in herself and in her co-workers throughout her career.

The concept of the Sheepdog is a complex one. In society, as referenced by author Dave
Grossman, we have everyday citizens, (the sheep), as well as those with capacity for violence for personal gain, (the wolves). The Sheepdogs are the thin blue line that separate the two; protecting the sheep from the wolves. It is our responsibility as first responders, as Sheepdogs, for Self Care.  It takes work to develop the skill to transition between the armor we put on to deal with the wolves and the ability to come home to the sheep and not bare the teeth we were given to defend them with. Come learn the tools to live skillfully in that blue line.

No previous experience, gymnast-like flexibility or yoga pants required.


Jennifer Aarnamo RYT500
Soma Yoga Therapy
(807) 621-0615

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