Looking forward…

Although this morning’s -40 temperature hardly reflects winter ending, the sun feels warm through the windows and the sunset is coming later everyday. This hibernation period has been great for reflecting, but as the days get longer I find myself planning for the next change of season.

For the next 3 months I have the honour of working with the Centre for Mindfulness in Public Safety, (CMPS) as they bring the Mindfulness Based Wellness Resiliency Training, (MBWR) to Ontario Corrections and Probation & Parole. I am excited to get to practice the skill set for Self Care with a group of professionals near and dear to my heart.

Transitioning from school to creating a fully home based business continues to bring in more opportunities to use the tools of Yoga Therapy to support others finding more Freedom and Connection to themselves and others. I continue to mentor new therapy students with Yoga North Somatic Yoga Institute and have the absolute pleasure of facilitating some philosophy calls with the students. I LOVE talking with other people about Life! It is fascinating to me how we relate to each other and how our individual experience, beliefs and conditioning help or hinder our efforts to genuinely see, hear and understand each other. The good news is, we can keep growing our ability to live in both social harmony as well as creating time, space and practices that foster connection to ourselves. I see Yoga as the path to Freedom in all areas of Life. A combination of Healing, Awareness, Study, Inquiry and Transformation. A path to remembering who we are and why we are here. We all deserve happiness and freedom. But it is an inside job that we get to create for ourselves. Nothing outside us can fill that desire for ultimate Freedom. I think that yearning is what brings many of us to a mid-life point of seeking more for ourselves.

This winter experiment in hibernation has felt like a sweet time to be intentional about creating a work/home life that supports me during and post pandemic. It has felt both agonizingly long and at the same time such a short span of the last year. I am hopeful we are heading towards resolution and rebalancing. The lesson I’m taking from this is to let go of what wasn’t working and create a life that allows me to feel connected and of service to others. Oddly enough, being able to do those 2 things well requires that I first take care of myself. For me, that looks like working 4 days a week with groups that I really care about, doing work that I love and living a slow and simple life. It’s not for everyone; and of course not having kids, pets or a partner greatly decreases my responsibilities, but that too was intentional. I hope moving out of such a restrictive period of time, spring and summer will bring more freedom to connect in person. I have loved this time in Hearst. The ski and snowshoe community here has brought some wonderful new friendships and plenty of time in nature to soothe the mind, while moving the breath and body.

The simple things are all I need to be content. Nature. Connection. Movement. Meaning…and of course some good food & wine! I hope that you are able to frame this last year around some positive opportunities for growth. I am still seeing regular as well as taking on new private therapy clients, with availability on Tuesdays. If you want to work together, I would love to hear from you.

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