Happy Canada Day!

Yogis and Oil Lovers

Happy Canada Day to my Northern friends and soon to be Independence Day for my South of the border friends!

It’s a much different summer than I have ever had…I have no plans for July and August.  I wanted to create space for myself; to just be, dream and plan.

It is my plan to use my time to be at home, to get inspired, to create, build, lesson plan and connect to the people in my life…friends, family, students and customers.  I want to hear from you!  How are you doing?  What does Self Care look like for you this summer?  What do you do to re-energize?  To reconnect?  Do you recharge with others or by yourself?  I am curious about the things that make us beautifully different.  I am curious about our different strengths.  I am looking to collaborate, create and build with others who share similar passions.  I am looking to share and teach experiences and tools for bringing more freedom and ease into life.

I cannot believe the difference a few years can make.  June 2015 was one of the toughest years at work in a nearly 2-decade long career.  When I look at that girl I have so much compassion for the defense mechanisms, the numbing, the strength to just survive the days, the shifts.   I look at pictures of me now compared to then…the light has brightened; the lifelong armor is being shed and I am in love with life.

I think we all come to a point where life invites us inward.  It could be stress, sickness, loss or if we are lucky we heed the whisper that calls us to connect with ourselves.  We all have it within us.  We are all the same.  Connected to this place of Universal Inspiration, Connection, Freedom.

We all answer the call through different means.  Whether it be through a physical movement practice, writing, music, conversing, or meditation & contemplation…whatever brings you home to yourself.  This inner source of abundance is there waiting for us to connect to.  Waiting to free us from the illusion that we are separate from one another.  Have you heard the call?  Have you been looking for something outside yourself to feel fulfilled?  You have it already.  All it takes is to give yourself space to connect to it.  Silent space to listen.  To be.  I would love to hear your story.  I would love to know how you find freedom.

Soma Yoga

I have 3 Series starting in September.  Tuesday & Thursday nights in Thunder Bay at Jet Wellness, 7:30pm and 6:30pm respectively. Wednesday nights at Mink Mountain Resort at 7pm.

There will be drop-in availability for all classes as well as discounted full series rates that come with a free 1 hour Private Session.  Registration will be posted in August.

I continue to book private sessions and am offering a 50% discount this month on 1 hour sessions. $30hr for the next 5 bookings to complete my certification hours.

Rates will increase in September to $75hr when I move into my office space with Level 1 Yoga Therapy Certification complete.

Exciting times as I start building a space in my yard for small group practice lakeside.  I hope to be offering a mini-retreat setting by next summer! 


 Private Yoga Therapy

Home or Office:

Jet Wellness

1092 Memorial Ave

Private Sessions address:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Mobility Issues
  • Nutrition
  • Cleansing
  • Stress & Sleep
  • Emotions & Mood
  • Self-Awareness


Celebrate You.

May you take time to care for yourself, create space to feel, and choose to grow in connection to yourself and others.


If you have people in your life who are curious about Soma Yoga & Essential Oils; finding Freedom from issues affecting quality of life and you think they’d be open to chatting, consider referring them.


(the Light in me honors the Light in you)



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