Freedom is the whole point…

Freedom through Self Care: Why Self Care? Why take the time? 

I believe that we as individuals are not broken, need fixing nor saving.  I believe we are born into this world by choice, with inherent goodness, value and Light.  It is only because of the clouds of guilt, shame and fear that our sun becomes blocked from shining and keeps us from sharing our full potential with the world.  The intention of MBWW is to bring a summary of learning from the last few years in hopes of creating a community of safe space for sharing. In this community we share what is working and benefit from the tools and resources that resonate most with where we are at.  My hope is that we can add to our toolboxes to become aware of, process, integrate and release unexpressed emotions, patterns and habits that no longer serve us. 

SELF CARE is a recognition & celebration of your worth.

SELF-LOVE is growing into unconditional love and acceptance of yourself, of who you are in this moment and with gentle compassion for all the versions of yourself up to this point.  I believe we are all doing the best that we can with the current skill set in our tool box.

We prioritize the trilogy of Mind-Body-Spirit wellness to live fully connected to and in growing capacity to love one’s self and others. 

Self-Care is not selfish, but the means whereby we fill our cups in-order to give to others from a genuine and authentic best version of ourselves

Self Care is a celebration of our inherent goodness and value. Self-Love is unconditionally accepting ourselves as well as having compassion for all the versions of ourselves till now. Not from a place of “should”, but a celebration of our beautiful, powerful, divinely sacred Selves. Self-Care because we are worth it. Because we can love and connect to ourselves and others  when our cup is full.

Favourite Reads of 2018

1. “The 12 Week Year” by Brian P. Moran (Time Management)

2. “You are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero (Abundance vs Scarcity mindset)

3. “Earth is Hiring” by Peta Kelly (Creating a written Vision Board Script for your Life)

4. “Universe has your Back” by Gabby Bernstein 

Favourite Oils of 2018

  1. Sandalwood, Patchouli & Frank: Meditation
  2. Copaiba: Pain & Presence
  3. YarrowPom & Blue Tansy: Fountain of Youth
  4. DDR, Turmeric & Pink Pepper: Health
  5. Serenity: Sleep
  6. Yoga Collection: Connection to Self
  7. Cinnamon & Cardamom: Coffee Buddies

Where do you seek more Freedom?

What do you need today? What is your body trying to tell you? Will you heed its whispers, or does it need to stop you in your tracks before you listen? Today as you take in this new beginning, I encourage you to focus on how you want this year to feel. How you feel day to day is so much more important than what you do…You are a vibrational magnet. Your thoughts and emotions create a resonance that in turn attracts more of those vibrations into your life. You are the creator of the microcosm that is the Universe of You.

Start with Gratitude…for who and where you are right now. Everything that has happened to you good or bad are your teachers. Your story is your gift to the world. Your vulnerability is an opportunity for genuine connection to others.

Create time for connection to yourself. To listen to your body. To ask yourself what you need. To recognize where you are struggling and what challenges you most. To ask yourself what you need to recharge and what brings you Joy. Create 3 non-negotiables that you can do for yourself every week to fill your cup. Share these with your people and seek to know and understand theirs. Support each other in creating space for this weekly recharge to happen. We can’t all be on the same path. The beauty is in the difference. Seek to see, hear and understand each other…

Baby steps…

  1. Physical: Nutrition, Movement, Sleep
  2. Mental: What are the programs/conditioning/beliefs that are running you?
  3. Emotional: What are your coping & numbing mechanisms? When you numb out the bad, you also block the ability to experience the good.
  4. Spiritual: Connection. What brings you Joy?
  5. Relational: Boundaries. Both learning to say “No” and what are you saying “Yes” to?

As this new year dawns, instead of resolutions, decide how you want to feel and hold all your goals up against the light of these feelings. Make yourself a priority…you are worth it. Freedom is found by going inward. You have what you need inside you. Listen to that voice. Give yourself the time.

The Light in me honours the Light in you…

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